Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x optic

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Review – the best mid-range gun sight

Vortex Optics recently gained their reputation as one of the best optic manufacturers in the world and this gun sight is up there with the best mid-range sights. Here's a quick overview of Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x gun sight:

Reviewed item:

Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x Prism Scope

(EBR-556B Reticle - MOA)

Editor's rating:

Battery life



Ease of Use


  • Excels at medium range combat
  • Several mounting height options
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    Super easy to mount and dismount
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    Lifetime warranty
  • check
    Works well with additional attachments


  • Causes some light transmission issues due to the thickness of optic's glass
  • Magnification is fixed, can't be adjusted
  • Moderately high optic weight

Quick overview

Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x is the best mid-range gun sight for a reason - it's moderately affordable, has an unlimited lifetime warranty, is super easy to use, works well with additional attachments and excels heavily in medium range combat applications. Vortex offers unlimited lifetime warranty to all their optics, will replace or repair your optic in the event of it becoming damaged / defective, because they trust in high product quality. We've done extensive product testing and can confirm, that you won't be able to find a similar product quality for any other magnifying sight on the market.

In-depth review of Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x

Vortex Optics, an American based company, is the proud manufacturer of the Spitfire 3x mode;. Unlike Aimpoint and Eotech, Vortex Optics only recently gained its' reputation as manufacturers of high quality, affordable optics, even though the first optic product was launched in the year 2002.

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x attached to a gun

Description of the Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x gun sight

Spitfire 3x was designed to work as an optic for any rifle that takes a 5.56 cartridge. Such rifles include any 5.56×45mm, 5.56× 54mm rifle, any sporting rifle, AR 15 and other rifles on the AR platform, bolt action rifles. It's high recoil ability enables it to work effectively with semi automatic rifles such as the PTR-91. It can be used for tactical shooting, hunting, competitions and police work for its target aim precision and accuracy of shots fired.

Fresh out of the box, the Vortex Optic Spitfire 3X looks and feels like a durable prism-based optic, built with hard anodized material which enables the device to withstand harsh elements and conditions. The optic weighs 12.2 ounces, it is 5.5 inches long and sports a black surface colour.

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Packaging

Quite affordable, the Vortex Optic Spitfire 3X can be purchased between $300-$400. It has the features of most popular, highly rated optics and red dots on the market. It was built as a close substitute to the ACOG optic and is sometimes referred to, as "poor man's ACOG", althrough I wouldn't agree with that statement, even when it has a much lower price range than most ACOG sights. That's because this sight stands up to the most expensive models and has a very similar functionality.

If we look at Trijicon ACOG or some other sights with similar functionality, we'll end up paying between $950 and $1,700, while this can be purchased in for ~$350. So if you're looking for a budget solution for medium combat range applications - this will be the sight you look at.

Althrough this sight's magnification is fixed - it does it's job as a high quality mid-range gun sight and can be used with fast target acquisition, when speed is important. It will be your best bet for mid-range hunting, military or police work or just to enjoy at a range.

The sight is highly compatible with all ARs, Bushmaster ACR rifle, SCAR, bolt action and any other rifle that takes 5.56 cartridge, either a 5.56x54mm or 5.56x45mm. It will also work really well in rough conditions and is designed to handle high recoul, making it compatible with semi-automatic weapons. The optic will hold zero while an EBR-556B reticle is going to aid the shooter in making yardage estimates, hitting the target with utmost accuracy.

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x reticle

The EBR in the name of it's reticle stands for enhanced battle reticle, meaning that it provides aid and helps make it any insanely accurate choice for rapid fire and single fire shooting applications from up to 500 yards.

You can use different markings on the reticle for shots at different ranges. The reticle is etched into a prism of an optic, making sure that it doesn't get affected by different illumination options. You get to choose between several different illumination colors and a total of 5 intensity levels, which works great for different lighting conditions in the area that you're using it in.

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Reticle 2

Toughness test for Spitfire 3x

Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x has undergone the following tests for quality and durability certification:

  • Waterproof test: The O-ring protects the optic from any form of moisture that could get in and cause damage. However, prevent the optic from being submerged in a body of water that is greater than 10-meters deep.
  • Ruggedness and durability test: built from a single, hard anodized material, it cannot be affected when accidentally droped or when it hits the ground several times. It also isn't affected by any blow from sudden impact, functions perfectly and holds zero after mishandling it.
  • Fog proof: Nitrogen gas purging within the tube of the optic, preventing the lens from being affected by fog.
  • Shock proof: Spitfire 3x is resistant to high recoil from rifles.

Extensive list of pros:

  • Affordable device: most sights with similar functionality will be priced at more than $1,000, while this is nearly 3 times cheaper and almost as high in product quality.
  • Excellent features: The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x shares wonderful features with most of the highly rated, more expensive optics on the market.
  • Warranty: The optics comes with a warranty which translates to genuineness of the product. Also, you get a replacement from Vortex company in the event that the optics get damaged. It has a lifetime, fully transferable warranty that doesn't require you hanging on to a receipt or filling out a warranty card. Warranty will not cover any damage done on purpose, theft or any cosmetic damages that do not impact product performance.
  • Independent reticle: The optic’s reticle can be used with or without illumination. Since the black reticle has been solidly imprinted on the optic’s glass, the use of a battery to power the optic before shooting isn't necessary, but is recommended, especially due to low visibility when out of battery.
  • Compatibility: The optic is compatible with all AR rifles, Bushmaster ACR rifle, SCAR, bolt action.... basically, any rifle that can take a 5.56 cartridge.
  •  Powerful batteries: The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3X comes with a 3 Volts Lithium CR2032 battery that has a life span of 250 - 3,000 hours, depending on brightness settings.
  • Adjustment controls: making adjustments for windage and elevation on the optic is pretty easy. With a few clicks, you can make these adjustments to your preference. Maximum adjustments for both elevation and windage is set at 120 MOA (Minute of Angle).
  • Waterproof: Like all Vortex Optics, the Spitfire 3X cannot be damaged when it comes in contact with water, fog, snow and dust. An O-ring provides this protection to the optic.
  • Shockproof: The optic is protected from all types of shocks from recoil, impact and vibrations.
  • Flip caps: The devices come with caps that help protect the lens from damage while transporting it, using it or while in storage.
  • Adjustments for height: detach or install a mount riser to reduce or increase the distance in height between your optic centre and its picatinny rail respectively, when mounted on your rifle. Alternatively, mount an ADM mount riser to save you the trouble of detaching and installing, since the optic’s base clamp cannot be detach easily. You get a reduced height of 30mm distance away from the picatinny rail and an increased height of 40.4mm away from the picatinny.
  • Brightness settings: Reticle brightness is adjustable at 5 levels. The device is compatible with night vision optics and accessories at the two lowest settings.
  • Ruggedness: rugged design meets harsh physical and weather conditions. The harsh elements will only roll off the back of this optic which was built with hard anodized material without causing any damage to it. This makes it a nice option for the outdoors. However, keep in mind that the Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x should not take as much beating as the military preferred Aimpoint PRO patrol sight. Protect it to ensure it lasts longer.
  • Red/Green coloured reticle: Vortex Spitfire gives you an option of picking a desired dot colour for the optic while in use.
  • Prism optics: this allows for sharp optics delivery.
  • Multi-coating of optics glass: The sharp glare of the sun will bounce off the glass when used in very bright environments. The internal coating improves visibility of light.
  • Eye relief: the optic’s eye relief can be attained at 2.8 inches.

Complete list of cons:

  • Weight of the optic: compared to the weight of red dot optics, prism-based optics are usually on the heavier side. That said, it's durability, sharp optics, affordable price and wonderful features surpasses its 12.2 oz weight and is still worth getting.
  • Reticle size: the Spitfire’s reticle may appear too small or too thin when viewed by an older adult shooter. This might make the sight more difficult to use for older generation.
  • Loss of fitness of flip caps: when in constant use, the flip caps, which are required to cover the lens of the Vortex optic, will suffer wear and tear or lose their grip around the tube’s edge. You can use Vortex optics’ life time warranty to get your worn-out flip caps replaced, so this isn't a big issue.
  • Thickness of the optic’s glass: it results in reduction of light transmission as light travels through the lens.
  • Low visibility when out of battery: although the reticle is etched unto the prism, a shooter can only achieve little visibility in low light environments when the battery is turned off.
  • Eye relief: the eye relief of 2.8 inches can only be achieved when shooter is 2 inches away from the optic lens.
  • Fixed magnification: the optic’s magnification cannot be adjusted.

Aimpoint PRO specifications

  • Device dimensions: 5.5" × 1.54" × 4.5".
  • Weight of sight and battery: 12.2 oz
  • Weight of sight & mount included: 15.4 oz
  • Eye relief: 2.8"
  • Adjustment click value: 0.5 MOA
  • Settings for brightness: 5 brightness settings
  • Battery: 3 Volts Lithium CR2032 battery
  • Battery life: 250 - 3,000 hours, depending on brightness sections
  • Material: Aluminum alloy chassis
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Optical coating: Fully multi-coated
  • Flip covers: Both front and rear to protect lens from any type of damage.
  • Compatibility with accessories: Yes. Works well with nightvision, laser sights, other magnifyers.
  • Compatibility with various rifles: Yes. Is fully compatible with any rifle that uses 5.56 cartridges.


The Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x may not be as tough as the Aimpoint or Eotech optics preferred by the military for their extreme ruggedness but it can definately hold its own amongst optics. Sporting excellent features that make it a close substitute to the ACOG optics, the Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x is a good purchase for tactical shooting and hunting.

The optic is very affordable, very tough and comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty. Make sure you're buying the product from an authorized dealer, otherwise warranty may not cover your purchase. You can use our purchase link below to get yourself a Vortex Optic Spitfire 3x from verified Vortex dealer.

Overall rating: 5.0/5.0 stars

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