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Aimpoint PRO Review – the best red dot sight!

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is undoubtedly the best red dot sight if you have a budget of nearly $500. As long as you have a high budget for a red dot - this will be the best purchase you can make. Here's a quick overview of this sight:

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Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

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Battery life



Ease of Use


  • Durable and tough
  • Affordable
  • Extensive battery life
  • check
    Super easy to mount and dismount
  • check
    10 year warranty
  • check
    Works well with additional attachments


  • Moderately heavy in comparison
  • Only a few brightness settings
  • Battery replacement might be difficult to find locally

Quick overview

The Aimpoint PRO can be purchased at a very affordable price - between $437 and $600, based on distributor. It is durable with a battery life of 3 years and has been tested to be bomb proof and water proof. It will hold zero even after been subjected to harsh weather conditions or physical conditions like dropping it severally or hitting it with a hammer. It is compatible with any flat top rifle or any given rifle and accessories. It's also easy to use and an excellent choice, even for first-time use, because of its simplicity. 

In-depth review of Aimpoint PRO

Here are the qualities that make the Aimpoint PRO device a favourite among law enforcement officers and gun enthusiasts. 

Aimpoing PRO Attached to AR

Description of the Aimpoint PRO gun sight

Aimpoint is a Swedish company, which has been manufacturing quality and tough optics at affordable prices for nearly 45 years. They have been on the scene, producing red dot sights since 1974, which is when they developed the first useable red dot sight.

The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is one their ‘must have’ optics for anyone looking to invest in an excellent red dot optic without having to break a bank. It was designed with inputs from a group of seasoned professionals and was launched in 2011.

Though small in size and fragile look, the Aimpoint PRO red dot optic was built with high quality standards, using aluminium material and the same advanced circuit efficiency technology, used for all the optics they have manufactured for durability that could last a lifetime.

With a few changes made to the Aimpoint PRO, without cutting down on quality, the optic is made affordable for everyone that wants a high quality product without having to spend thousands on an Eotech gun sight. Such changes include a reduction in the number of setting levels for red dot brightness and night vision options as well, cutting down the glass by a few millimetres and battery weight reduction, which ultimately cuts down the weight of the sight to 7.8oz. Cheaper manufacturing methods were used, but not cheaper manufacturing materials, so as to retain the reputation and name of the manufacturer, which has been carefully maintained over the years.

New features were added to the sight to maximize its performance, making it a trusted device by law enforcement officers, who encounter modern challenging circumstances on a daily basis. It maintains it's simplicity, despite the number of new features added to it.

Aimpoint PRO comes in a small box, well packaged in foam for protection and includes a manual with detailed instructions on how to properly use the device to avoid any internal or external damages. The packaging also includes an allen wrench, extra base screws as well as a battery. It usually comes with a QRP2 mount and spacer, but that could depend on a distributor.

Aimpoint PRO Packaging

An ADM (American Defense Manufacturing) mount or a QRP2 mount and AR 15 spacer also accompanies the device, which is brilliant for ease of swapping the mount from one flat top gun to the other. It helps to fit or install the optic on to a rifle easily with just three clicks. With three clicks, the user is assured that the sight is not fitted too tightly and it is secure enough to prevent it from coming lose or falling off the rifle while in use.

The cantilever throws the scope out right in front of the gun user and gives a better eye relief, plus a lower 1/3 co-witness on the rifle. This refers to where the reticle aligns with the irons in the sight’s window. The spacer can be completely removed to make the sight compatible with police sbu-machinegun or shotguns. Other rifles that are compatible with the Aimpoint PRO include AR15, M16, M4 and Carbine style rifles.

The optic, which weighs about 11.6 oz., with mount and spacer included, is 30mm in diameter, hard anodized aluminium alloy tube, with an apperture of 26mm inside the tube. Its battery life can last up to 30,000 hours, which is an estimated 3-year life span. The red dot optic is always on to prevent fumbling in the event of an emergency or panic situation. The device is threaded inside to aid easy mount of a kill flash or an anti-reflective device in combatant or fast-paced circumstances.

The lens are crispy clear. They are also recessed within the body of the optic device to protect it from cracking when dropped, when impacted any other or when hit with a heavy object, scratched or even touched. It is protected by a front flip cap, which is opaque, and a transparent rear cap, which allows a user to attain accuracy and hit his target even when the front cap is closed. High accuracy is also attained when both eyes are open, while looking through the optic. The sight has a 2MOA (Minute of Angle) which means the red dot will cover 2 inches at 50 yards.

Aimpoint PRO Look Through Lens

The red dot in Aimpoint PRO is generated by a Light Emitting Diode (LED), which projects red light on to the inside of the front lens of the sight. The front lens is also tilted in relation to the placement of the Light Emitting Diode in order to achieve excellent optical performance. The design of the optical system in varying red dot sights determines how noticeable this tilt is to users.

Adjustment for zero can be done by removing the lens cap, which is attached to the battery cap and zeroing in, bearing in mind that each click of the adjustment screw is equivalent to 10mm movement of the point of impact at 80metres. When the sight's base is properly aligned to the rail, only little adjustments for zeroing are required, since the sights are delivered in a centered position. The elevation adjustment and windage screws are located on the top and right side of the sight respectively.

The lens and battery caps are attached together by a strap to keep them from getting lost while in use.

Setting the optic levels for daylight/ brightness and night vision can be done with a dial and not a button. The optic works perfectly in all settings. It allows for the red dot to be seen clearly even in very bright or harsh environments. The device can be easily maintained, and its inventory easily tracked with its built-in service date and battery change date reminders.

Aimpoint PRO can be bought online from sites such as Amazon.Com and eBay. Shipping costs may be inclusive. The product can also be bought from independent retailers. Do carry out a background check on return policies on damaged products during shipping and customer service of the independent retailer you choose to patronize.

Aimpoint PRO Attached to M4 Rifle

Toughness test for Aimpoint PRO

Bomb proof: Not only is it fire-proof, the device will hold zero and work without a hitch after being exposed to a bomb explosion.

Water proof: Both water resistant and water proof up to a depth of 45m or 150 feet when submerged in water. Ensure battery and adjustment screws caps are tight before immersion in water. Wipe the device dry as soon as possible after being immersed in water, snow or mud.

Protected from Impact damage: when dropped to the ground several times and hit with a hammer 25 times, device was still as good as new.

Chemical resistance: it can withstand exposure to lubricating and hydraulic oils, solvents and fuels.

Vibration and shock resistance: functions before, during and after exposure to vibrations and shocks (including temperature shocks).

Extensive list of pros:

  • Durability and toughness:  Ruggedness is another word that could be used to describe the Aimpoint PRO. It cannot be damaged by harsh weather conditions, mishandling, or exposure to fire and bomb explosions. It still holds zero in all adverse situations or environments. It was designed for law enforcers, military, tactical shooters and competitors.
  • Affordable price: it can be purchased for $437-$600, depending on distributor. This is a great price for a device of such high quality.
  • Long battery life: The battery has a life span of 30,000 hours which is equivalent to 3 years. You don't need to turn this device on or off.
  • Waterproof: it can be submerged in water to about 150 feet or 45 meters depth and it will still hold zero.
  • Great optic lens: it's lens are clear and protected by a flip cap / cover in front as well as a clear rear cap, which is perfect in case of an emergency or panic situation. It doesn't get affected by scratches, heavy fog, snow, dust or fingerprints. It is also difficult to damage from accidental impact against hard surfaces, because the lens are recessed into the body of the sight.
  • Easy to mount on any flat top gun and installed with a few clicks and there are no special tools necessary.
  • Single, crispy clear red dot in both daylight and night vision settings. The red dot is clear and easily seen, even in the brightest environments or conditions. An example of such bright environment is a bright, snowy environment or location, where you have no issues seeing a red dot.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty: The lengthy warranty period will definitely assure a buyer of the product’s genuineness and unbeatable ruggedness at a great price. Consumer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Red dot target: whether you move your head around or open both eyes while looking through the optic, you will always hit your target, because the red dot moves around with your vision. It gives perfect eye relief to it's user.
  • The device works perfectly with a kill flash or anti-reflective devices, which can be easily mounted, since the device is threaded inside to support the kill flash. A kill flash is used to block any reflection from your sight, that could be noticed or seen by a target. We do recommend that you practice shooting with a kill flash or other anti-reflective device before engaging in combat or going hunting.
  • The Aimpoint PRO is also compatible with other accessories like the Aimpoint 3X magnifier. The PRO magnifier has a picatinny (a twist mount) which allows a user to switch back and forth from magnifying to non-magnifying, without detaching any device from the weapon. The magnifier can be installed with a 30mm ring. Alternatively, go ahead and use your magnifier as a hand held monocular for discrete viewing.
  • The Aimpoint PRO is easy to use even by a first-time shooter. Its simplicity is one of its many excellent features.

Complete list of cons for Aimpoint PRO gun sight:

  • The large size of the mount knob: Although it does not get it the way, but it could be best if it is smaller in size.
  • The weight: about 7.8oz. The battery may be a bit bulky, but its longevity makes up for this short coming.
  • Anyone with vision impairment such as astigmatism, has to test the device for red dot target accuracy before buying. This is optional since the device functions well. Vision impaired users will get accustomed to the device after a trial or two. It will further help to turn the intensity to a moderate level, not too high, where a clear red dot can be seen.
  • The battery may be hard to find for purchase locally. This problem can be solved by buying online from sales websites such as and have the product delivered directly to you.
  • The fewer options for brightness levels may accelerate the transitions from lower to higher settings, leaving the high settings a bit too high.
  • Exposure to extreme cold might shorten battery life span.
  • Aimpoint PRO sight is not a long-range target sight but a combat sight in which shooting is done at close range and at multiple targets.  However, this allows for accurate and precision shots.

Aimpoint PRO specifications

  • Device dimensions: 6.8" × 4.6" × 3.4".
  • Weight of sight and battery: 7.8 ounces
  • Weight of sight, spacer & mount included: 11.6 ounces
  • Height of this gun sight: 55mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Aperture diameter: 26mm
  • Optical principle: Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Eye relief: Yes. Placing red dot in centre isn't mandatory.
  • Dot size: 2MOA
  • Settings for brightness: 6 Daylight, 4 Night Vision, 1 extra bright
  • Battery: 3 Volts lithium battery, life span of 3 years with device turned on always
  • Surface colour: matte black
  • Material used for tube, spacer, mount: High strength aluminium
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration: Yes
  • Flip covers: Both front and rear to protect lens from any type of damage.
  • Compatibility with accessories: Yes. Anti-reflective devices, Kill flash, Aimpoint 3X magnifier, Concealed engagement unit. They can be easily screwed in to attach them to the optic device.
  • Compatibility with various rifles: Yes. The spacer can be fitted to the red dot optic tube or removed to fit each given rifle.
  • Storage conditions: store in a dry place between -50 to 70 degrees in Celsius


The Aimpoint PRO can be purchased at a very affordable price - between $437 and $600, based on distributor. It is durable with a battery life of 3 years and has been tested to be bomb proof and water proof. It will hold zero even after been subjected to harsh weather conditions or physical conditions like dropping it severally or hitting it with a hammer. It is compatible with any flat top rifle or any given rifle and accessories. It's also easy to use and an excellent choice, even for first-time use, because of its simplicity. 

Overall rating: 4.9/5.0 stars

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